Messiah for Kids – Bringing Classics to Youngsters

Date: November 24, 2017

Larry the Lamb is back! Last seen with Okanagan Festival Singers in 2015, our puppet friend – a little lamb with a BIG attitude – uses a time machine to bring Mr. George Frideric Handel from the 18th century, to help the kids enjoy excerpts from his masterpiece Messiah, as sung by OFS. In his usual troublemaking style Larry also  uses the time machine for a mini-vacation to a galaxy far, far away and brings back an amazing “souvenir”…and someone’s going to pay the price. This family-friendly, interactive 45-minute program is sure to delight youngsters and give them a taste of a classic choral masterpiece in kid-sized bites!

Location: Willowstone Academy, 4091 Lakeshore Road Kelowna. Date/time:  Saturday, November 24th. Doors open 1:30pm, performance 2-2:45pm.  Admission by donation at the door, proceeds to a local charity.


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